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Floating FTS9 with Titan Decking

Floating FTS9

ShoreMaster’s FTS9 floating truss dock is one of the most versatile dock systems on the market. Because it’s a floating dock you’ll never need to worry about adjusting your FTS9 to accommodate fluctuations in water depth. Because the FTS9 Floating Dock employs ShoreMaster’s proven truss design, it’s incredibly strong and stable, so you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance.

The FTS9 Floating dock utilizes ShoreMaster’s time-tested 9” truss style aluminum side rail. Each FTS9 frame is handcrafted one at a time with tubular aluminum center support stringers. FTS9 utilizes ShoreMaster’s Quick Connection (QC) System allowing you to effortlessly add or move accessories on your FTS9 Infinity Dock without the use of tools or the need to drill into the frame.

Kit Dock


KitDock is now available from RhinoHoist Products, visit for more details.

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PolyDock is now available from PolyDock Products, visit for more details