With Heavy Hearts

Rob KatzenmeyerIt is with incredibly heavy hearts that ShoreMaster mourns the loss of our own Rob Katzenmeyer, Vice-President of Operations, who passed away this past weekend after a hard fought battle with cancer.

Rob was a shining example of what ShoreMaster stands for and of the GREAT PEOPLE that we have as a part of our community. Rob started at ShoreMaster on the front line of operations while in high school. He worked during the Summers at ShoreMaster while in college and returned full-time upon graduation. He worked his way through the management ranks and eventually to the executive position of Vice-President of Operations and board member.  He was always about the people, our GREAT PEOPLE, and no one bled more ShoreMaster blue than he.

Beyond ShoreMaster, Rob was a pillar of the community. With two young children he was actively involved in many youth activities, especially the hockey association, and community programs. His passion for the community, for his children and for giving back was respected and admired by all who crossed his path.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rob’s wife, children, and family.

Funeral Services will be held at Bethlehem Church in Fergus Falls, MN on Friday, July 22nd (11:00am). Visitation and Prayer Service (5:00-7:0pm) will be held on Thursday, July 21st at Olson’s Funeral Home in Fergus Falls, MN.

5 Tips for Safe Water Fun This Summer

It’s National Water Safety Month!

Water SafetyWith the start of Summer right around the corner its time to start thinking again about FUN IN THE SUN! Along with that though we want all of our owners, families, dealers and friends to be sure they are practicing smart water safety so that everyone can enjoy the entire Summer on the water! Here are 5 helpful tips to keep you in the sun all Summer long!

1. Always wear a life jacket!
Whether you’re on a boat or a personal water craft you should always have – and wear – a personal flotation device. Young children should wear life jackets anytime they are in or around water. This is the first line of defense against drownings and is of the utmost important. Make sure your life jacket fits snugly but comfortably and cannot slip above the chin or ears when tugged on at the shoulders.

2. Pay Attention to the Weather
Summer weather can change quickly. Severe weather can come on quickly and escalated rapidly. Pay attention to the weather forecasts and the skies. You don’t want to get caught on the lake or out in the open when Summer weather goes from sunny to stormy. And always wear sunscreen! The reflection off the water amplifies the sun’s intensity so protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

3. Drinking and Boating Don’t Mix
An cool beverage can be quite refreshing during a hot Summer day but don’t drink and drive or boat. Drinking can impair your judgement and slow your reflexes making it harder for you to steer, swim and assist those around you. If you want to have a cool beverage do it from the safety of the shoreline.

4. Keep Your Speed Down and Pay Attention
The lakes and waterways can get very busy in the Summer months. Keep a look out of other boats, swimmers, tubers, skiers, and more. Keep you speed reasonable and always practice defensive driving – if you aren’t sure what the other guy is doing stay clear. Keep an eye out for fellow boats in distress and need of help as well.

5. Use the Buddy System
Bring a buddy with – its more fun and more safe! Even experience water-users and swimmers can get put in a dangerous situation.


Teach Kids to Fish and Love Life on the Water

Cute little boy fishing with his grandfather

ShoreMaster is proud to once again be a sponsor of Midwest Fishing’s School of Fish.

This unique program provides kids – and parents – an amazing opportunity to learn all about fishing, water safety, and lake preservation. In each 3-hour class participants learn about lakes, the fish that live in them, how to tie knots, rig their own fishing line, and much more. Kid’s also learn how to be responsible and safe anglers and sportsmen as well as ways to get involved in fishing and waterfront clubs. In addition to the great fishing tips and tricks that kids will learn, all kids get their own fishing rod and reel, tackle, t-shirt, workbook, and more. Plus, parents are welcome to join to make it a fun activity for the whole family.

Midwest Fishing hosts open-water and ice-fishing classes throughout the year all across the Midwest. For locations and a class schedule visit their website.


Written by: Haley Stich, Marketing Coordinator

As summer starts working its way out and cooler weather starts setting in, two of my favorite seasons start rolling in. Fall and hunting season. While working at ShoreMaster it is common to hear conversations among employees starting with, “Well, how did you do this weekend, or how many did you shoot.” It is when the amount of birds or size of the deer’s rack start getting bigger that everyone gets a good laugh.

During the hot Minnesota summer months I took part in the ShoreMaster Sporting Clay shooting team. We would get together once a month and shoot the challenging Sporting Clay course on the rolling and wooded hills of the Viking Valley Hunt Club. Being the only girl in the group there is always the pressure to try and beat the guys! For some reason my score always seems to be the most popular for everyone to know at the end of the night.

pheasany hunt2

Recently, we all got together one last time at the Viking Valley Hunt Club before next season, or in reality before the snow flies. Greeted by the brisk, morning air along with waging tails and excited dogs, this time we got to shoot pheasants, not clays. We split into groups and got to our selected fields where the birds were waiting. After the hunt, or for me a morning workout of walking fields and chasing birds, we meet back the lodge to tell stories about the morning and enjoy a lunch while we wait for our birds to be cleaned. As the fun day comes to an end, I leave with a smile on my face.

While getting to enjoy an awesome Fall day, and the opportunity to take part in one of my favorite hobbies it is much more than that to me. It is a day filled with team building, and a reflection of the company’s appreciation for all their employees. It was a time to hang out with co-workers in a different atmosphere, reflected in the ShoreMaster culture, based on an activity that creates memories for the employees to be able to look back on.

Pictured above: Haley Stich, Mike Casey, Don Hurley, Mark Wick.


By: Nate Noland, ShoreMaster CFO

Nate Dock SystemAs I get back to work after Independence Day, I reflect on my favorite holiday. This year I was able to spend it with family and friends on a lake in northern Minnesota. It was filled with fireworks, boat rides, yard games, and some good BBQ – as I am sure many people were able to do the same.

This Fourth of July we had our own yard game Olympics down by the lake. The National Anthem played while everyone saluted the American flag that was at the end of the ShoreMaster dock. For those of you who are wondering, my team did not win, maybe next year.

Nate FamilyOver the last couple years, my family has grown and it was nice to get away from the stress and spend some time with my kids at the lake – the ShoreMaster dock enabled this more than ever.  We replaced an old steel roll-in dock with a new aluminum dock with a bench, flagpole, and stairs. It was interesting to see more and more people gathering and enjoying their time on the dock. I never realized before that your dock can be so much more than just a gateway to the lake if you want it to be. It is now a huge part of our lake experience. Over the years I hope to spend a lot more time with my kids right there on the lake. Hopefully when they are 16 they will still want to spend some time with their old man.

We do not want to forget the true reason of Independence Day. Everyone here at ShoreMaster wants to thank our veterans who fought for our freedom and who have preserved it ever since.

Be sure to like the ShoreMaster Facebook page and share your favorite Fourth of July event or memory to receive a ShoreMaster goodie package.


By: Don Hurley, ShoreMaster President/CEO


Don's Dock 2

Before video games and cell phones, there were toys and games.  I was fortunate enough to have a Lionel train set as a kid.  I received the original beginner’s set for Christmas one year and I was hooked!  That original set only had six train cars including the engine which came with a light and pills that were dropped down the stack to make it smoke.  That set also included just enough track to construct a small oblong oval.  And finally, it had a small electric control called a transformer (which means something totally different to today’s kids) that powered it but only to minor speeds. In the box was a catalog with all of the accessories to make your train system larger, faster and better.

You can see where this is going.

The first thing I got to upgrade was a larger powered electric transformer.  That was great, except the oval was too small, and the train kept flying off the track due to the increased speed.  So, I begged for more track and on my birthday I got more track.  Then I got some large sheets of plywood so I could permanently affix the track which prevented it from coming undone when it just was loosely put together as stock.

That lasted until three months later when I started mowing lawns and could buy a crossing station signal. The next Christmas I got more track and set up a complicated layout that included switches, a water tower, trees, and a dump station.  I then added another entire train and was running two trains on my elaborate system.

I eventually had to grow up and put my train system away.  I missed that feeling of excitement of continually adding and changing the layout of my train set.

Until I got my ShoreMaster dock and lift system.  Oh my!  As with my train set, I started out with some dock and a pre-laid out design by my helpful colleagues in our call center.  I decided to put every piece together and to install the dock myself.  That’s when I really got hooked!

I started fiddling with the layout as I realized that because of the QC system, I could configure my dock anyway I wanted.  Guess that’s why it’s named the Infinity Dock, dah! (It takes some of us longer than others.  Or as my daughter says to me, “Light bulb!”)  So I drew up small to scale sections and started to reconfigure.

I kept coming back to the office and ordering more accessories.  Adding cleats, dock bumpers, and solar chargers for my boat lift motor.  There was so much to add.

That was great until my wife butted in.  She started reconfiguring to set up the dock furniture on an island of its own with a quarter turn offshoot.  She was thinking of relaxation, while I was trying to set up my fishing boat.  You can see where this is going!

So next year, we are going to have one dock system, but she will have her part of the system, and I will have mine.  We both have a Christmas list going of what each of us wants to add to our part of the dock.

I can’t wait!

Teaching the Future to Fish

ShoreMaster is a proud sponsor of Fishing the Midwest’s School of Fish and excited to announce some of the upcoming School of Fish sessions.

The School of Fish is a kid’s fishing class designed to teach children about nearby lakes, the fish that live in them, how to catch fish, and responsible waterfront activities. In addition to the great fishing tips and tricks that kids will learn, all kids get their own fishing rod and reel, tackle, t-shirt, workbook, and more. Plus, parents are welcome to join to make it a fun activity for the whole family.

The School of Fish will be soon be holding classes in Ely (MN), Duluth (MN), Eagan (MN), Stewartville (MN), and Morgan (MN). For a complete schedule and more information visit www.fishingthemidwest.com.


FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA, May 1, 2015 – ShoreMaster, a leading manufacturer of docks and boat lifts, is excited to announce the addition of  new field sales representative – Tom Haberkorn – to the ShoreMaster team.

Haberkorn will serve as the Field Sales Representative for the Wisconsin territory. He will work closely with the Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest, Aaron Nyhus, to provide dealers and customers the superior service and training expected of the ShoreMaster brand.


“We are very excited to have Tom join the team. We have always had a strong dealer and retail presence in the Upper Midwest. The addition of an FSR in this region will help us to serve those dealers who are continuing to see strong retail growth.” say Don Hurley, ShoreMaster President/CEO. “The primary function of this position is to serve our dealers and to assist our dealer/distributors in servicing and adding sub-dealers. Having an FSR dedicated to the Wisconsin market will enable us, and our dealers, to seize the opportunities presented around the water.”


Haberkorn has previously worked in sales and customer service roles in the marine industry so he brings with him an understanding for the industry, the products and the dealers. He has actually worked with many of the ShoreMaster dealers in some capacity through his previous positions in sales.  As a part of his role as a field sales representative, Haberkorn will focus on improving the accessibility and distribution of ShoreMaster products to the ShoreMaster dealer network – and in turn to the retail customer.


“Tom is a dedicated and passionate rep, he is ready and is excited to get out in the field and start working with our dealers. He has a passion for the marine industry and is quickly learning the ShoreMaster way and product line-up; his drive and knowledge will be a great asset for our company and for our dealers.” says Hurley.


ShoreMaster, LLC is a premier manufacturer of waterfront equipment, specifically docks and boat lifts. The ShoreMaster team includes welders, fabricators, engineers, mechanics, developers, designers, problem solvers and more–working together to provide their customers with the very best waterfront experience available. Visit ShoreMaster at www.shoremaster.com for more information.

With Sad Hearts

dennis tuelThe ShoreMaster family has heavy hearts this week as we learn of the passing of our founder and friend, Dennis Tuel, Sr.. Dennis, who founded ShoreMaster in 1972, was an active and cherished member of the ShoreMaster family. The values, traditions, and service that Dennis Tuel, Sr. founded ShoreMaster on at still at the core of who we are today – he will be missed by employees and dealers alike. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to Marsha and the entire Tuel family.

Funeral Services will be held at Our Lady of Victory Church in Fergus Falls, MN on Tuesday, April 28th (11:00am). Visitation (5:00-7:00pm) and Prayer Service (6:30pm) will be held on Monday, April 27th at Olson Funeral Home in Fergus Falls. Condelences may be sent online at www.olsonfuneralhome.com.


ShoreMaster, LLC Promotes Welch to PolyDock Products National Account Manager

FERGUS FALLS, MINNESOTA, April 9, 2015 – ShoreMaster, LLC, a leading manufacturer of docks and boat lifts, is excited to announce the promotion of Kurt Welch to PolyDock Products National Account Manager. Welch will function as an integral part of the ShoreMaster, LLC corporate sales structure responsible for driving sales growth of the PolyDock Products brand of floating dock systems.

PolyDock Products will look to Welch assist with strategic development as well as be responsible for revenue growth through sales and marketing plans. His main focus will be on the expansion of the PolyDock Products dealer and distribution channels as well as the maintenance of current accounts.

Don Hurley, ShoreMaster, LLC Presidents, says, “PolyDock Products is an exciting brand for us. We see a lot of potential across the country for our floating docks and ShorePort. We were looking for some with a lot of passion for the waterfront and an enthusiasm for the brand – Kurt was the perfect fit.”

Welch has an extensive background in the dock and lift industry having worked for ShoreMaster, LLC in multiple roles – most recently as the Manager of Dealer Relations and Content Creation. “His experience and knowledge of the products will be an invaluable asset to the customers he serves. We are very excited about the possibilities that he opens up for us with this brand” says Hurley.

PolyDock Products is a brand of ShoreMaster, LLC, a premier manufacturer of waterfront equipment, specifically docks and boat lifts. The ShoreMaster, LLC team includes welders, fabricators, engineers, mechanics, developers, designers, problem solvers and more–working together to provide their customers with the very best waterfront experience available. Visit PolyDock Products at www.polydockproducts.com for more information.