About ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster, LLC is a premier manufacturer of waterfront equipment, specifically docks and boat lifts. We’re a team of about 100 fabricators, engineers, mechanics, developers, designers, problem solvers, and more working to provide our customers with the very best waterfront experience available.

ShoreMaster provides docks and boat lifts for any and all waterfront environments – from the small lakes of the Midwest to the deep waters of the South, our lineup of waterfront equipment is built to withstand the waves, wind and continual use you’ll put it through.

Our Philosophy

ShoreMaster is a customer-focused, market driven company that manufactures quality products safely and efficiently with great people.

Our Passion

For over 40 years, ShoreMaster has covered the waterfront with world-class equipment designed to help people enjoy their waterfront experience to the fullest.

ShoreMaster began in 1972 in Carlos, Minnesota by the Tuel family. Dennis Tuel, our founder, changed the face of the waterfront industry by designing and manufacturing aluminum boat lifts at a time when all other manufacturers were building with steel. From the beginning, ShoreMaster has been proud to offer high quality products with undeniable durability – we know of more than a few of our original aluminum lifts that are still standing and performing with the best of them today.

Throughout the 1970’s and early 1980’s, ShoreMaster’s primary focus was to broaden the number of lift models and to add standing and wheeled docks to the product line up. In 1980, ShoreMaster also began to pursue commercial marina projects.

In 1985, ShoreMaster operations were moved to Fergus Falls, Minnesota as part of Project 500 – an initiative aimed at bringing jobs to the Fergus Falls area.

Our company is just as durable and dependable as the products we put in the water. We put our products up against any other brand in the industry. ShoreMaster’s complete line of residential docks and lifts are sold through an extensive network of knowledgeable, friendly dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Nearly 40 years of premier waterfront equipment – and counting.

Our People

We are passionate about our products, our dealers, our users and we strive to provide the highest quality, most innovative products we can to help improve the waterfront experience of anyone who uses ShoreMaster. Our team shows up each and every day with that goal in mind. We employ a vast array of people to help in this mission, from engineers, to welders, assemblers, accountants, sales reps, truck loaders and everything in between. ShoreMaster is comprised of GREAT PEOPLE that help to put out a GREAT PRODUCT. We encourage you to meet part of the team that makes ShoreMaster so successful and to explore the opportunities to join our team.