ShoreMaster Hires Chet VanSyckel To Lead Total Quality Management Initiatives

Chet VanSyckelShoreMaster, LLC recently re-acquired the talents of Chet VanSyckel to lead the company’s Total Quality Management efforts across all brands and operations as it continues to see growth from recent strategic positioning of its brands and a re-organization of its nationwide sales force that includes new sales leadership from regional sales managers.

“Chet brings with him a tremendous amount of organizational process management skills, and his ability to effectively lead staff at all levels of an organization in any type of growth cycle, make him an incredibly good fit for our culture as we continue to grow.” said ShoreMaster Vice President of Operations, Rob Katzenmeyer. “Chet drove substantial improvements in lead times, product quality, safety, and operations at our Concrete Floating Dock manufacturing facilities in St. Augustine, Florida and Chet will be a great asset to us as we continue to capitalize on our current and forecasted growth opportunities across all segments of our business.”

Chet will manage and lead ShoreMaster’s Total Quality Management System as the company continues to make process improvements that will sustain its already strong market position, high level of customer service, nationwide distribution, and industry–leading manufacturing operations.

When asked about his management philosophy, Chet said “I think I lead by creating leaders. Throughout my career, I’ve had a lot of success and found a lot of operational wins by simply making small, yet impactful improvements that affect the entire process in a positive way. I like to lead by pulling my team members toward a goal, rather than pushing them into it. This way, everyone wins, and the process is improved as a result.”

Chet brings with him a wealth of operational expertise in process management and continuous improvement and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware and holds a General Contractors License in Florida.

ShoreMaster Competitive Unification Leads To Growth, Sales Reorganization

ShoreMaster, LLC announces growth-driven nationwide sales re-organization.

In a continuance of ShoreMaster’s long-term competitive unification strategy, ShoreMaster will begin to roll out changes to its nationwide sales force. The changes, driven by strong growth across multiple ShoreMaster, LLC brand segments, will allow the company to continue to capitalize on its position as a leader in the waterfront equipment industry, by strengthening its focus on industry specific markets for continued growth.

“We are excited about our current and forecasted growth, and the sales re-organization is in alignment with the competitive unification strategy that we laid out a couple of years ago to incentivize growth while strategically positioning our brands to continue to lead and grow in their respective markets.” said ShoreMaster President Don Hurley. “We have a number of game-changing initiatives that will come to market within the next six months that will enable us to provide the level of focus and clarity on our brand segments, products, and territories that our customers have been asking for since our last ShoreMaster University in December of 2013.”

The sales re-organization is focused on improving the accessibility and distribution of ShoreMaster, LLC brand products to each brand’s respective dealer and distributor network and / or its consumers. The changes include a restructure of sales management within the company to include sales leadership from Regional Sales Managers. ShoreMaster’s Regional Sales Managers will focus on the continued growth and success of their key ShoreMaster, LLC brands, and effective support of the dealers, distributors, and Territory Sales Managers that they will lead within their regions.

Recently, ShoreMaster promoted four members of its nationwide sales force to the Regional Sales Manager position. The promotions are as follows;

Aaron NyhusAaron Nyhus, Regional Sales Manager – Northern Midwest Region




Gary Hafley

Gary Haffley, Regional Sales Manager – Central Plains and Southeastern Region




Ryan KnoxRyan Knox, Regional Sales Manager – Eastern United States and Canada




Robert ReinRobert Rein, Regional Sales Manager – Western United States and Canada




Press Release: ShoreMaster Competitive Unification Leads To Growth, Sales Reorganization

ShoreMaster Shows Commitment to Waterfront Recreation In Lakes Area, City of Fergus Falls

ShoreMaster TS9 with Tan Aluminum DeckingAs a thank you to the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota for allowing ShoreMaster, LLC to utilize a section of shoreline at Pebble Lake Beach for a photo shoot between July 29th and July 31st, ShoreMaster, LLC donated the city a TS9 wheel-in dock system with a retail value of $13,424.

“ShoreMaster is always looking for ways to be active within our hometown community, and we are always looking for ways to help our employees, their families, and the people who live in Fergus Falls and the surrounding communities get out and enjoy some time on the water.” said ShoreMaster President, Don Hurley. “Pebble Lake Beach is a great resource for the community, and a real destination for Lakes Area families to enjoy during the warm summer months. We wanted to thank the city for allowing us to use the beach for our photo shoot, but we also know that this dock donation means a lot to everyone who lives in and around the lakes area of Fergus Falls.”

Steve Plaza, Parks, Recreation and Forestry Manager for the City of Fergus Falls said that the dock, which features ShoreMaster’s maintenance free tan aluminum decking, will be a great addition to the docks that are already in place at Pebble Lake Beach. Of course, the official swim season at Pebble Lake Beach will wrap up as the lifeguards go back to college, the existing docks are removed, and the swimming season winds down. That means residents will have to wait until next season to begin enjoying the new swim dock donated by ShoreMaster, LLC. A benefit of the new dock, said Steve, is that “it will be easier to maintain, easier to install, and it will allow the swimmers to get into deeper water.”

ShoreMaster Vice President of Operations, Rob Katzenmeyer said “The dock is ShoreMaster’s TS9 truss style wheel-in dock with tan aluminum decking. It was in an “F” shape configuration for the photo shoot, but will be reconfigured to more of an “L” shape for use next summer. When the dock is installed next summer, beach-goers will be able to get a close up look at an industry-leading product that is manufactured by Great People right here in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.”

ShoreMaster offers its products for sale through its nationwide dealer network, and local ShoreMaster dealers can be found by visiting http://shoremaster.comdealer-locator/


Ray Swift Joins ShoreMaster as Northeast Territory Sales Manager

Ray Swift_ShoreMaster Northeast Territory Sales Manager

In a move bolster its already industry-leading nationwide sales force, ShoreMaster recently hired Ray Swift to take over sales management duties in its Northeast United States territory. Ray brings with him over 13 years of successful sales experience in balancing territorial dynamics to support and grow his existing dealers while adding new dealers in key locations. Ray’s previous sales experience covers the hospitality industry, the metal fabrication industry, and the aftermarket auto parts industry.

Ray will cover the Northeast United Sates including New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, excluding Maine. When asked about his new role Ray says “my goal is to use my sales experience to the benefit of the existing dealers within my territory to ensure that I offer them every advantage available to them from the company to allow them to grow profitably while supporting them and acting on their behalf as the go-to resource for their questions and support needs.”

ShoreMaster’s strong growth in all segments of its business and across all of its brands lends itself to the new hire. When asked about the new hire, ShoreMaster’s Regional Sales Manager for the Northeastern United States and Canada, Ryan Knox says “the Northeastern United States territory that Ray will cover is important to our business and has been a key part of the overall growth that the ShoreMaster brand continues to enjoy. It has characteristics similar to some of our other core markets in the Midwest, and our dealer and distributor base in this territory is among the best in the country. Ray will be a great asset to both our company, and our dealers and distributors in his territory.”

ShoreMaster continues to enjoy strong growth across all segments of its business, in part due to the realization of components of its Competitive Unification Strategy implemented two years ago as a way to drive sustainable growth with an increased focus on competitiveness in distribution, product quality, customer service, and industry-leading operational facilities.

Press Release: Ray Swift Joins ShoreMaster As Northeast Territory Sales Manager

About ShoreMaster, LLC

ShoreMaster, LLC is a premier manufacturer of waterfront equipment, headquartered in Fergus Falls, MN, ShoreMaster provides docks, boat lifts and accessories for any and all waterfront environments – from the small lakes of the Midwest to the deep waters of the South, our lineup of waterfront equipment is built to withstand the waves, wind and continual use you’ll put it through.



ShoreMaster Welcomes Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe as New Dealer

Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe ShoreMasterWhen it comes to replenishing your supplies for the weekend, or even for a lifetime on the lake, most people prefer the convenience of a “one stop shop”. Just off of Highway 63 in Hayward Wisconsin you’ll find an excellent example of one stop shopping. Hayward bait and tackle offers recreational boaters, fishermen, and waterfront property owners the full Northern Wisconsin experience, from their complete supply of bait and tackle, including their own farm raised bait direct from their 2300 square foot bait hatchery, Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe Hatchery_2 ShoreMasterto their full service Bottle Shoppe featuring a full selection of liquor, to their recently added premium ShoreMaster docks, boat lifts and accessories. Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe truly embraces all things waterfront in Northern Wisconsin.


The recent addition of ShoreMaster’s premium waterfront equipment makes Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe a destination for customers from Reed Lake, Mud Lake, Callahan Lake, Round Lake, Crane Lake, and Rice Lake and beyond. Now, lakeshore property owners looking for docks and lifts near Hayward, WI can find premium ShoreMaster docks and Lifts with the excellent customer service and friendly attitude that Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe has been known to consistently provide for over 50 years.
Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe recently completed an onsite training session with their ShoreMaster Sales Manager, Aaron Nyhus, which focused on product features and benefits training, assembly and installation, and a focus on the retail aspect of marketing a premium brand of waterfront equipment like ShoreMaster.
Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe ShoreMaster RS4 in officeOn Saturday, May 10th, Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe held an open house, and from everyone at ShoreMaster, we’d like to congratulate them on the sale of their first dock system!
For more information on Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe, please check out their website at

ShoreMaster Hosts Tri-State Manufacturers Association Meeting

Tri-State Manufacturers Association Memeber ShoreMasterAs a member of the Tri-State Manufacturers Association (TSMA), ShoreMaster is proud to show off our industry leading facilities, equipment, people and products. On Tuesday, May 6th, ShoreMaster hosted a tour with the Tri-State Manufacturers Association as part of the association’s monthly meeting. The tour focused on ShoreMaster’s main plant, and was an opportunity for the association’s members to network with each other and with ShoreMaster’s executive and management teams, view ShoreMaster’s industry leading facilities, operations, and to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing manufacturers today. The Tri-State Manufacturers Association may host another tour as part the association’s monthly meetings and will likely focus on ShoreMaster’s Rotational molding facilities.

Following the tour, Tri-State Manufacturing members attended an event featuring guest speaker Jennifer Byers, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, with topics including an overview of the important issues facing Minnesota manufacturers in the 2014 Legislative Session.

TSMA members noted that the ShoreMaster tour was one of the primary reasons for attending the meeting, along with the guest speaker event and the networking opportunities that the TSMA monthly meetings present.

The Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association (TSMA) is a membership-based organization serving manufacturers and related industries in west central Minnesota and eastern North and South Dakota.

When It Comes to Satisfying In-Season Dealer and Customer Demand, ShoreMaster Thinks Bigger

When It Comes to Satisfying In-Season Demand, We Think Bigger

ShoreMaster Floor Plan FinancingShoreMaster’s Floor Plan Finance program means your authorized ShoreMaster dealer will always have the right amount of inventory in stock, at the right time so you’ll always be able to count on them to deliver the right ShoreMaster product when you need it.

No other waterfront equipment manufacturer offers a floor plan finance program that benefits its dealers and it’s users like ShoreMaster. Dealers get the benefit of flooring the right mix of products at the right times to satisfy their historic and forecasted inventory levels which translates to less waiting time and faster transaction times for customers looking to purchase a new, premium ShoreMaster dock or boat lift. ShoreMaster’s floor plan financing also means that dealers are able to stock a wider selection of ShoreMaster product options which is great news for the customer, because there is less potential that the customer will have to wait for the dealer’s next shipment from the factory to get the exact dock or boat lift with the exact options that they want. If, for some reason, your ShoreMaster dealer doesn’t have your exact model, or style of dock or boat lift in stock, you can always count on ShoreMaster to maintain appropriate levels of inventory at the factory. This means that even in-season, or late in the season, ShoreMaster can get your dealer exactly what you need quickly, even when other dock and boat lift manufacturers have stopped producing waterfront equipment for the summer.

ShoreMaster’s floor plan financing option for dealers is just another reason to trust ShoreMaster, because when it comes to satisfying in-season demand for dealers and customers, We Think Bigger.

ShoreMaster 8′ Aluminum Vinyl Bunks Offer Better Value Than Carpeted Wood Bunks

ShoreMaster Full Length Vinyl Boat Lift BunksAs the weather warms up many PWC enthusiasts will be de-winterizing their PWC in preparation for the first ride of the season. Many times, these enthusiasts will install their PWC lifts prior to taking that first exhilarating ride. This is a friendly reminder that now is a good time to inspect your waterfront equipment for loose or missing components, and to really take a good look at the amount of wear on the bunks, cables, cradles, and / or guides. The best time to replace any components and serviceable parts on your boat or PWC lift, or your dock, for that matter, is before it is installed in the water for the season.

Many PWC lifts that are in service today utilize carpeted wood bunks to support the PWC on the lift. These are a great option and provide sufficient support for personal watercraft of all shapes and sizes. Over time, the carpet on any carpeted wood bunk can become worn, loose, or frayed which can create contact between the hull of the PWC and the raw wood. This is not a desirable condition and any loose, missing, or frayed carpet should be replaced or repaired to prevent potential problems. This is also a good time to inspect the wood structure of carpeted wood bunks, as wood, being a natural material, can become warped, cracked, or rotten. Before installing your PWC lift for the season, make sure to examine the carpeted wood bunks before installing the lift, and if you find any soft spots, or warping of the wood bunk material, inspect it further, even if it means removing the carpet covering, and repair or replace the bunk before using it.

If you are in the market for new bunks for your PWC lift, either because your existing carpeted wood bunks are past their useful service life and it’s time to replace them, or perhaps you’ve purchased a new PWC and want to  make sure that the bunks on your PWC lift will accommodate your new purchase, you should consider ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks for your PWC lift. ShoreMaster has used aluminum vinyl bunks for boats and pontoons for decades. ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks for PWC lifts will save you time because it is easier, and faster to inspect the aluminum channel of the aluminum bunk than it is to inspect the wood on a wood bunk set up, and the aluminum channel will never rot like wood can. You’ll also save money in total cost of ownership with ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks because the vinyl material is less prone to wear than carpet, and will not become loose, or torn. Put simply, vinyl covered aluminum bunks are far more durable than carpeted wood bunks. The vinyl material used on ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks does not promote the adhesion of sand, and debris like carpet can which means your PWC will stay cleaner, longer.

Full length bunks are a better option than cradles when it comes to supporting your PWC because the weight of your personal watercraft is distributed along the full length of the bunk to prevent pressure points where your PWC’s hull contacts the bunk. When you have a choice between carpeted wood bunks, and aluminum vinyl bunks, remember that carpeted wood bunks are a great value option that will require more care, maintenance and inspection than vinyl covered aluminum bunks, and when it comes to total cost of ownership, vinyl covered aluminum bunks like ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks are likely to be the true better value.

8’ aluminum vinyl bunks are available for ShoreMaster’s 1200 vertical and cantilever PWC lifts today, so if you are considering repairing or replacing a set of old, worn out, carpeted wood bunks, you would be smart to upgrade to ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks. If you’re in a hurry to get that PWC on the water, but you need to repair or replace a bunk first, don’t worry, they can be shipped via UPS so you’ll be out on your PWC in no time.

Talk to an authorized ShoreMaster dealer today, to upgrade your PWC lift with a pair of 8’ full length aluminum vinyl bunks from ShoreMaster.

You can also grab a PDF of this post to share on our Product Bulletins Page



ShoreMaster Offers Extended Customer Service Hours

Jerry Buchholz, ShoreMaster Customer ServiceWith the warmer weather comes an opportunity to for ShoreMaster to serve you better than anyone else in the dock and lift industry. Whether you’re a ShoreMaster dealer, distributor, or a waterfront property owner looking for more information on new or existing ShoreMaster products, ShoreMaster wants to help. We’ve recently extended our customer service hours in order to ensure that a member of our industry-leading customer service team is available to help you no matter where, or when you are calling from in the United States and Canada.  


ShoreMaster’s Customer Service team is now available from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM central time, Monday – Friday, and we are happily available to help you out from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturdays.

There’s more than one reason that ShoreMaster is the best business opportunity in the waterfront equipment industry, and it’s no coincidence that many thousands waterfront property owners consistently choose ShoreMaster brand docks, boat lifts, and accessories over any other brand.  We like to think it’s because we care more than anyone else, but that’s just one of many reasons.

Who would have ever thought that a Dock and Lift Company would do so much for their customers?

Original-SM-LogoCustomer Focused | Market Driven | Great People

5 Reasons Why Welded Docks and Boat Lifts Are Better Than Bolt-Together Docks and Boat Lifts

ShoreMaster Trust Quality WeldsThere are are a lot of reasons why a predominantly welded dock or boat boat lift is superior to a predominantly bolted-together dock or boat lift. Below are 5 reasons why welded docks and boat lifts are better than bolt-together docks and boat lifts, most of them center around the reduced maintenance and superior durability of welded docks and lifts.





  1. Less Maintenance. Why would you want to spend your first and last weekend of the summer, and at least a couple of days mid-summer checking and tightening all of the nuts and bolts on your boat lift and dock just to make sure everything was tight? We’re pretty sure you don’t. In that case, we strongly suggest that you purchase a high-quality welded boat lift or dock from ShoreMaster. ShoreMaster’s welded boat lifts and docks keep you from spending your entire summer tightening up hundreds of nuts and bolts after every storm or windy day. Welded boat lifts and docks save you time because they require less maintenance.
  2. Welded Boat Lifts and Docks Stay as True and Square as The Day You Bought Them Because Welds do not become loose over time. A bolt together dock or boat lift will eventually become loose due to normal use, prolonged periods of heavy waves crashing into the frame, and corrosion of the hardware. If you neglect to tighten a loose bolt on your dock or boat lift, other parts of the dock or boat lift such as the cables, pulleys, winch, or other bolted on frame components can wear prematurely causing failure of not just one part but several parts at the same time. This can be costly to repair and can make it extremely difficult for you to discover the source of the failure.
  3. Welded Docks and Lifts Can Save You Hours During Assembly. When it comes to assembling a dock, boat lift, boat lift canopy, or anything really, you’ll be glad that you choose a welded product over a bolt together product because welded products typically take far less time to assemble than a bolt together product. Consider for a moment that assembly of ShoreMaster’s canopy frame can be completed by just one person in as little as 20 minutes because the canopy frame includes just four welded components; two canopy ends and two canopy sides. Other manufacturers may have many dozens of components that you’ll need to bolt together.
  4. Bolt Together Docks and Lifts Make It Easier To Replace Damaged Parts, But You May Be Less Likely to Need To Replace Parts With A Welded Dock or Lift. That’s right! It is easier to replace parts on a bolt together dock or lift. This seems like a benefit until you realize it is also more likely that most dock and boat lift parts can become bent and damaged simply by forgetting to tighten a loose bolt on your bolt together dock or lift. ShoreMaster’s welded docks and lifts do not require replacement of frame parts caused by unusual wear due to loose, missing, or corroded welds. The same can’t be said of bolt together docks and lifts.
  5. Welded Docks and Lifts Offer Higher Resale Value. Because welds are permanent and require no maintenance, you may find that your welded-together dock and lift is more valuable at resale time because welds will not rust or corrode like hardware. Potential buyers will be wary of the impending costs to replace worn out or corroded hardware.